And it’s greatly to his credit

I realized at some point that I am at core an engineer. Other things too. But I, engineer. I engineer. Aye, engineer!

Later that the maxims I apply on the job are useful throughout life.

I think I’ve learned a bit worth sharing. In my own exploits, and from the great engineers I’ve known as colleagues, friends, or family. (We’ve been at it for four generations so far, starting in 1928. Computers since 1946. I’ll get into the backstory later.)

I’ll delve into minutiae when it matters. It often does. While the specifics are apt to relate to software engineering, you shouldn’t need a background in either software or engineering to get my point.

Of course, sometimes we’re in the weeds to discuss weeds. If your mind wanders, stick around. We’ll be back to interesting soon enough.

You’re invited to opine too. This should be a conversation among colleagues. But read the comment guidelines before you do.

So what do you think?