What I post is my personal take at the time on a topic. I’d love to hear yours. Keep in mind:

  • Don’t hesitate to comment on an old post. The truths in engineering remain true.
  • You are an engineer too. Whether you think you are or not. Comes with the species.
  • Be on good behavior, as if on an interview for a job you really want.
  • Put another way, don’t be a putz. It will not be tolerated here. Which includes:
    • Be civil. Don’t be hostile. (Not the same thing.)
    • Assume good faith. Don’t infer from silence.
    • Avoid fallacies.
    • Don’t spam. Don’t post what you don’t own. Don’t libel.
    • Don’t respond in kind when someone else misbehaves.
  • Feel free to wow us with your insight, knowledge, eloquence, and rigor. We’ll try to keep up. But if you’re not up for that today, you’re still welcome to comment.
  • Expect double standards in treatment. Some of you have earned slack with me.
  • Anyone can be barred at any time for any reason, without notice or explanation. This is not a democracy. This is my living room.
  • Contact me privately with any questions, concerns, or ideas.

So what do you think?